Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Importance of Educating Immigrant Children in Texas

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“Nearly a quarter of schoolchildren in the United States are immigrants or the children of immigrants. A substantial percentage of these children, especially those from Latin America, are falling behind in school. More than 5 million, for example, struggle with their academic subjects because they are still learning English. Evidence shows that three policy reforms—increased attendance in quality preschool, improved instruction in English, and increased attendance in postsecondary education—would improve their school achievement, lift their economic well-being as adults, and increase their economic and social contributions to American society.” --Ron Haskins and Marta Tienda [1].

This quote was taken from a recent article appearing in the journal, Future of Children called The Future of Immigrant Children. The entire journal supplement is devoted to immigrant children.

One doesn’t have to think too hard to recognize the importance of educating immigrant children in Texas. Texas schools are educating children from every continent of the globe. This is a must read for everyone in Texas involved in child education and child health. Here is a summary of the articles you will find in the journal.

Written by Dr. Steve Kelder
Co-Director, Michael & Susan Dell Center for Healthy Living
Professor, UTSPH Austin Regional Campus

Immigrant Children
Volume 21, Number 1, Spring 2011

Demography of Immigrant Youth: Past, Present, and FutureJeffrey S. PasselView Article Summary

The Living Arrangements of Children of ImmigrantsNancy S. Landale, Kevin J. A. Thomas, Jennifer Van HookView Article Summary

Early Care and Education for Children in Immigrant Families 
Lynn A. Karoly and Gabriella C. Gonzalez
 View Article Summary

Effective Instruction for English LearnersMargarita Calderon, Robert Slavin, and Marta SanchezView Article Summary

K–12 Educational Outcomes of Immigrant YouthRobert Crosnoe and Ruth N. Lopez Turley View Article Summary

Immigrants in Community CollegesRobert T. Teranishi, Carola Suarez-Orozco, and Marcelo Suarez-OrozcoView Article Summary

Higher Education and Children in Immigrant FamiliesSandy Baum and Stella M. FloresView Article Summary

The Physical and Psychological Well-Being of Immigrant ChildrenKrista M. Perreira and India J. Ornelas
 View Article Summary

The Adaptation of Migrant Children Alejandro Portes and Alejandro RivasView Article Summary

Poverty and Program Participation among Immigrant ChildrenGeorge J. BorjasView Article Summary

[1] Tienda, M and Haskins, R. Immigrant Children: Introducing the Issue, Future of Children: Volume 21 Number 1 Spring 2011.